Bon Vivant FAQ

What type of events do you cater?

See services

Do you do BBQ and Pig Roasts?

Yes I sure do, please contact me for details.

Do you do Large Events?

Yes I do, up to 100's of guests.

Do you provide staff?

Yes, we have staff suited for your event.

Do you work in specific halls?

Yes, we are the Premium Preferred Caterer in our area. We work in Centres and Community Halls often.

Do you offer bar services?

NO, but we can recommend names to you, if needed.

Do you set up the tables at the venue?

We cater the food only.

Do you offer tastings?

NO, but we do have very satisfied clients that we will refer you to.

Do you offer a non-profit discount?

We are always willing to work with non-profit organizations to meet the event needs on an individual basis.

Do you do staff party's and Christmas Party's?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for further details.

Which Venue do you recommend?

We have a wide range of venue/services, please contact us for details.

How do you work with 'dietary restrictions' and allergies?

We take your needs and requirements very seriously. We then design a suitable menu to meet your specifications.

How far in advance would someone need to book an event?

We book one to two years in advance. My advice is to book your event immediately or as soon as you are able, and avoid disappointment.

Does the chef use my equipment or their own?

We prepare all food at our inspected kitchen and transport in our thermal units to your site. Some times for a special request or event we prepare food onsite at your location.

Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely we offer them in any denomination. Our unequaled “Gift Cards” make fabulous gifts to new parents, get well soon, wedding/bridal gifts, or anyone else in your life that deserves a special gift. Please contact Bon Vivant via email Contact or phone 519-233-7233. Pay now or give a long distance gift using your Visa, Master Card, or American Express.

What about food allergies or intolerances?

I am happy to work around any of these problems providing a menu that is right for you.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take EMT, Cheques, and of course cash.

Is there a contract?

Yes, for your protection and mine there is a contract, but it is not very long and is all in large type, written in plain English.

What areas do you service?

“The West Coast of Ontario” Contact me to confirm your individual area.

What if I desire more upscale ingredients such as seafood or game?

We Can prepare these items for your event; Market Pricing charged for these bill at the time of purchase.